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The Lady in the Lake: Review

This post is from my Goodreads review:

I don’t know whether I’m getting more comfortable with the way these books should go or whether Chandler is getting better about telegraphing what Marlowe is thinking, but I think I’m able to keep a handle on what’s happening with these mysteries a lot better than I was before. One thing’s for sure, they certainly aren’t getting any less complicated.

The Lady in the Lake has a perfect title, three memorable bodies, and a handful of memorable characters and sequences. One of the most intriguing corners of Marlowe’s universe is the town of Bay City, which seems to be placed in opposition to LA. Unlike the City of Angels, it’s neat, orderly, and free of the type of crime that makes itself known. But in many ways, the reasons for this are worse–the police department is brutal and free to act with impunity, and everyone is so devoted to maintaining the myth that nothing bad ever happens in Bay City that they’re willing to forego justice for the sake of keeping up appearances. It’s less seedy than LA, but possibly more evil.

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