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David Copperfield: Review

The following post was taken from my Goodreads review:

I’m glad I finally got around to reading this. It’s the least conventionally dramatic of all the Dickens novels I’ve read, without one particular “hook,” like the benefactor in Great Expectations or the will in Bleak House, or the mystery of Oliver Twist’s parentage. Instead, you get this wonderful, generous look at a broad group of characters, and you watch them grow and age and occasionally die, and it leaves you with an appreciation for the private drama that we encounter in daily life. Its very familiarity might suggest that it’s not as interesting or worthy of consideration as more far-fetched plots, but the novel’s an example of how these stories can be some of the most vital entertainment we have access to.

I’ve been putting this review off for weeks now because there’s no way I can do justice to the experience of reading this novel, and I’ll have to leave a full reckoning for later–I don’t seem to have much free writing in me at the moment. But this, like most Dickens novels, is well worth your time.

Interested in reading this? I’m an Amazon Affiliate, meaning that I link products from Amazon, and if anyone clicks those links to buy the product, they pay me a commission. If you’re interested in purchasing David Copperfield, just follow the link below:

David Copperfield (First Edition) (Norton Critical Editions)

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