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The Left Hand of Darkness: Review

The following post was taken from my Goodreads review:

Ursula K. Le Guin isn’t appreciated enough for her economy of words. In less than 300 pages, she maps out a complex world with its own political and social structures, influenced as much by the ambisexual biology of the aliens who inhabit it as by the more recognizable motives like greed and the preservation of political power. And then there is the meterology of the planet, locked in a 100,000-year ice age that covers most of the world with ice and snow. Le Guin mixes these ingredients together and creates a fully-realized world, with a central conflict for the story’s human protagonist to navigate, all so effortlessly that it’s initially difficult to appreciate how much work must have gone into it.

And the characters, while initially seeming to be 1-dimensional types, eventually grow on you, too. I was initially frustrated when the novel becomes a survivalist narrative about 2/3 of the way through, but in retrospect, it’s important that Genly and Estraven spend time together, get to truly know each other, so that the decisions each makes near the end have the impact that they do. I have a feeling this book will be renting out space in my head for quite a while.

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