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Presumed Innocent: Review

The following post was taken from my Goodreads review:

The odd thing about this book is that it really seems to come alive the more it dispenses with character. It’s an interesting twist on the Hitchcockian “wrong man” plot, where the protagonist’s best bet of exonerating himself is not to go outside the system and try to get the answers (though he does do that), but simply to avail himself of the criminal justice system. It just seems like Turow’s admirable fidelity to the realities of the U.S. criminal courts interrupts the pulpier story he seems to be trying to tell at the beginning and end of the novel. Once we get to the courtroom, the characters flatten out, the did-he-do-it-or-not intrigue seems to subside, and the whole novel becomes a matter of courtroom strategy.

The novel’s saving grace is that its handling of courtroom strategy is actually more interesting than the murder mystery. I could have read several hundred more pages about depositions, jury selection, filing motions, and the odd manner in which criminal defense lawyers must act to avoid ever knowing too much about their clients. Sometimes, just learning how someone does their job is the most interesting thing you can read about. I wish we had a Scott Turow in every profession, boiling it down to the basic processes and creating a story that makes them genuinely dramatic.

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Presumed Innocent

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