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The Stone Sky: Review

This is a great conclusion to a great series. I think I’ll need to read the whole thing again to understand a little better about how orogeny interacts with magic, but I almost can’t wait to jump back into this world.

Fantasy series that conclude with a great battle in which the fate of the world is at stake depend on metatextual significance to the fight to make the stakes feel real. Here, where the battle is not just about the fate of a fictional world, but about the burden of being a mother in a world that will try to hurt your child…I was surprised how much it moved me.

Best of all, Jemisin somehow manages to fuse the greater mysteries of her fantasy/sci-fi world with the thoughts on motherhood that dominate the last part of this book. I don’t want to even get close to spoiling how she does this–the fact that I am including ‘science fiction’ in the description feels like too much of a spoiler already. Suffice it to say that it’s one of the most surprising developments I’ve read in a book, and is all the more impressive for making complete sense, given everything we’ve read up to this point.

I wish I could go into more depth with this book the way I did with the previous two, but time is not on my side. Suffice it to say I can’t wait to re-read this and discover everything I’m sure I missed the first time through.

Interested in reading this? I’m an Amazon Affiliate, meaning that I link products from Amazon, and if anyone clicks those links to buy the product, they pay me a commission. If you’re interested in purchasing The Stone Sky, just follow the link below:

The Stone Sky (The Broken Earth)

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