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Blue Heaven: Review

The first, most important thing you should know about Joe Keenan’s Blue Heaven is, it’s funny. Keenan has a talent for several types of comedy: door-slamming farcical plots, Wodehousian narration, snappy dialogue, and employs all of them in the service of this book. By the time that the plot has developed to the point where the main characters are keeping a shy but talented cross-dresser perpetually drugged on ecstasy so he can pretend to be an elderly duchess and seduce a mafia don, and you realize that this is not only a natural outgrowth of the plot, but the only possible direction it could have taken, there is nothing to be done but sit back and admire the author’s handiwork.

Were I feeling more critically capable at the moment, I would like to spend more time examining the way Keenan portrays the gay subculture in New York as a hotbed of gossip and misunderstanding, the perfect vehicle with which to propel the farce he creates. It’s a comedy built around the subtle maneuvers of gayness in a heteronormative culture–the need to conceal one’s sexual orientation while simultaneously advertising it to others, the danger of falling in love with one’s friends (or at least falling in lust), the channels of communication within the culture that seem oppressive and all-encompassing while actually being relatively confined.

But I can’t begin to approach any of those subjects, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll end with a hearty recommendation for this novel, which is very well-written and constructed.

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Blue Heaven (Contemporary American Fiction)

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