A Thousand Flappers and Hobbledehoys

not merely superfluous, but ridiculous

The Little Sister: Review

Ruffle the pages of Raymond Chandler’s Hollywood murder mystery, and you can see Shane Black’s career taking form.

21 July 2017 · Leave a comment

Review: Sword and Citadel by Gene Wolfe

Gene Wolfe’s science-fantasy epic is bizarre, frustrating, and fascinating in equal measure. Not sure I’d recommend it, but I’m definitely going to read it again.

14 July 2017 · Leave a comment

The Tipping Point: Review

Malcolm Gladwell’s book purports to look at individuals, but eventually ends up making the case for society at large.

21 May 2017 · Leave a comment

Station Eleven: Review

Emily St. John Mandel’s novel got me thinking about how different genres approach character-building and world-building differently.

10 May 2017 · Leave a comment

Now, Discover Your Strengths: Review

Hey, I read and reviewed a business book! Actually, it’s kind of a self-help book. Maybe it’s both.

1 May 2017 · Leave a comment

American Gods: Review

Neil Gaiman’s famous fantasy paean to Americana is heavy on ideas, but disappointingly short on story.

22 April 2017 · Leave a comment

The Lady in the Lake: Review

I didn’t have much time to reflect on the fourth of Chandler’s Philip Marlowe novels, so this is pretty short.

9 April 2017 · Leave a comment

CivilWarLand in Bad Decline: Review

George Saunders’s initial collection of stories is disturbing and thought-provoking in just the right way. Yes, his novel made me want to read everything else he wrote.

31 March 2017 · Leave a comment

The High Window: Review

After going after pornographers, blackmailers, and murderers in past novels, Philip Marlowe is on the hunt for…A MISSING COIN. But some of those other people get involved too.

27 March 2017 · Leave a comment

Universal Harvester: Review

I’m ambivalent about John Darnielle’s latest book, but there’s definitely something of value in what he writes about.

4 March 2017 · Leave a comment
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