A Thousand Flappers and Hobbledehoys

not merely superfluous, but ridiculous

For Better Or Worse, Real Life Will Break Out

Let’s not lose our heads just yet: live as well as you can, help those in need, fight injustice.

21 January 2017 · Leave a comment

An Open Letter to the “Unethical Employee” Character in the Business Ethics Training Video

Yeah, the form gives it away–this was a piece rejected by McSweeney’s. I still think it’s pretty funny, though.

1 December 2016 · Leave a comment

Archives: Veterans’ Day

When I write something on this blog, it’s usually because I think I have a fresh take on a subject, some kind of insight that I can share with the … Continue reading

12 November 2014 · Leave a comment

Archives: The Art of the Sales Script

As I mentioned in my wrap-up of the Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg films, I’ve spent the last few months doing political canvassing for the Colorado elections. You know those people with … Continue reading

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Archives: Thirty Words

I recently applied for a job at a company, which for purposes of anonymity we will call “Company.” Included in the initial application was a request to, “In thirty words … Continue reading

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Archives: Backlog: Advice on Writing, from a Frustrated Teacher

I always have a few more projects going at any one time than I’m really able to complete. This is generally a good way for me to work- if something … Continue reading

6 November 2014 · Leave a comment

Archives: The Omnipresent Specter of the Merciful Barbecue Fork

I unearthed a few horribly embarrassing memories last Sunday night around 1AM, after I had been trying to fall asleep for two hours.  That’s the time they usually claw their … Continue reading

10 September 2013 · Leave a comment

Archives: The Old House

The weekend before last, I went up to Flagstaff to visit my mom and celebrate my birthday (a few weeks late, but I was busy).  With all four kids out … Continue reading

30 July 2013 · Leave a comment

Archives: The Boredom of Solipsism, The Panic of Stasis

It has been a rough week for getting anything done.  I don’t know if I’m letting the all-enveloping eye of the Internet hypnotize me until I look around and two … Continue reading

11 July 2013 · Leave a comment

Archives: Pedagogical Ambivalence, part 3

People paid to talk about public policy on TV discuss teaching careers in the U.S. largely in terms of positive externalities.  Not that they use that specific term, but that’s … Continue reading

6 July 2013 · Leave a comment
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