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Archives: Pedagogical Ambivalence, part 1

Jobs are, by definition, things that nobody wants to do.  They are things that people pay you money to do to rather than the thing you actually want to do, … Continue reading

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Archives: The Perfect Month

Okay, so that was a little longer than I expected… It turns out that teaching a one-semester class in 4.5 weeks takes, um, all of the time.  And so my … Continue reading

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Archives: Regularity

When I started grad school, I saw it as an opportunity to wipe the undergrad slate clean, get rid of my old habits like procrastination and tardiness.  I had acquired … Continue reading

23 May 2013 · 1 Comment

Archives: Going Dark

I’ve got a week left for final papers- writing mine, grading my students’.  My updates here have already slowed down considerably, and I need to get off the internet already … Continue reading

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Archives: Fear of Autobiography

So as usual, I am up too late with too much to do and not enough done.  The good news is that my sleep schedule has become so destabilized that … Continue reading

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Archives: The Trouble With Teaching

The central paradox of teaching is that you have to get your students enthusiastic about something that you always thought was interesting.  It’s not surprising that the embittered, apathetic teacher … Continue reading

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Archives: Restaurant Review: Wild Garlic Grill

So I’ve been more sporadic on the updates than I hoped, largely a result of sleeping too little, being surprisingly unproductive, and the usual conference grind that tends to take … Continue reading

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Archives: The Days of Reading Nothing

A brief reprieve from the conference grind (only 3 meetings today!) left me with what should have been some spare time in which to get some reading done.  And I … Continue reading

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Archives: The Conference Grind- Day 1

So I felt a little better today.  Not all the way better – I could still feel something screaming in the back of my head- but I seemed capable of … Continue reading

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Archives: Loss

So here are the facts.  Right now, that’s all I can bring myself to start with. The picture at the top of this post shows me with two other people, … Continue reading

11 April 2013 · 1 Comment
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