A Thousand Flappers and Hobbledehoys

My name is Doug Wykstra, and this is some of the stuff I've read and watched.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Review

This dystopian novel from over 30 years ago feels frighteningly relevant to our current political situation.

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Doomsday Book — Review

Connie Willis’s time-travel novel is good, but not quite at the same high level as its sequel.

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Boys Among Men — Review

Jonathan Abrams’s book offers an entertaining, interesting look at the lives of teenage basketball stars.

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The Friends of Eddie Coyle — Review

Possibly the Platonic ideal of a crime novel.

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Some Disorganized Thoughts on Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue

Michael Chabon’s novel Telegraph Avenue loves vinyl, and it seems to love the novel. But does it love them in the same way? I haven’t finished it yet, so these are just my impressions so far.

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Telegraph Avenue — Review

Don’t trust my opinion of Michael Chabon books, because I love them all. But I loved this Michael Chabon book.

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Joyland — Review

Stephen King tries on the crime novel, and finds that it fits pretty well.

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A Room With a View — Review

This E.M. Forster book is beautifully written, and encapsulates much that is wonderful about the English novel, but I ended feeling more like Mr. Beebe than anyone else.

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The News: A User’s Manual – Review

Alain de Botton’s examination of the way we consume and cover the news is closer to a manifesto than a manual.

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Denver’s Defense is Not Their Most Important Unit

In their Thursday Night Football match against the Chargers, the Broncos showed that their problems begin along the offensive line.

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Darren Aronofsky’s Noah Takes its Liberties Seriously

This revision of the Biblical tale has some important things to say about humanity’s relationship to the environment, even if it makes some striking changes to the tale in order to say it.

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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: Review

Sense and sensibility strive to control the course of English magic in this incredibly fun fusion of historical fiction and fantasy.

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