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My name is Doug Wykstra, and this is some of the stuff I've read and watched.

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Because this website is going to act as a comprehensive repository of all my internet writing, I’m transferring over my old work from previous blogs.  This post was originally published on 29 March 2013. It was not the least significant piece of writing to appear on this blog–probably it was tied with 59 other pieces.

Hopefully, this will be the least significant piece of writing to appear on this blog.  I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be the case, though.  Still, it’s a good idea to commemorate the beginnings of things.  It provides a record of how arbitrarily some things seem to start.  If my previous blogs are any indication, it provides a record of how arbitrarily they seem to end as well.

Hi, I’m Doug.  I have three journals that each have the first 12 or so pages filled, and then a bunch of blank space when I forgot to keep writing.  I have several blogs around the internet that have the same thing.  Later, I might consolidate them here.

The goal is pretty simple with this one.  Keep writing.  If I can get 800 words a day, even better.  But just keep writing.  Keep posting.  Don’t sink back into the unconsciousness I’ve been occupying for the last ten years or so.

When I left for college I told myself I was going to be a writer.  Hasn’t happened.  Turns out you need to write if you want that to happen.  So let’s start there

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March 2013

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