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Modern Romance — Review

this post was originally published on my Goodreads account.

Interesting combination of hard data and comedy writing! Ansari is a funny dude, and his systematic approach to asking questions about romance and incorporating statistical research makes for an entertaining and informative read. I will say, though, that there are portions of the book that make me feel depressed and disgusted with my own generation’s approach to love and romance. I’d need to go through the book with a pen to point out specifics (and maybe will, later), but for some reason I just set this book down with a lead weight in my stomach. Ansari seems to think of it as a largely positive development, a sort of romantic futurism, but I’m left with the feeling that for many people my age, the ideal form of existence would be in the center of a folded up three-way mirror: endless reflections and permutations of the self as far as the eye can see, and nothing else to get in the way.

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